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PGT Introduce the R-5 Impact-Resistant Window Line

FAS Windows & Doors carries PGT Industries and now PGT is carrying its first impact-resistant windows that has a U-factor of less than 0.22. This means that this line satisfies the requirements of the Department of Energy R-5 program. With a low U-factor, it will provide the high levels of energy efficiency and noise reduction.

This hurricane impact resistant line for replacement windows are perfect for those customers who are interested in hurricane protection, security against burglars, noise reduction and energy efficiency to be in one package. Debbie LaPinska, PGT Vice President of Sales and Marketing said “today’s residential and commercial markets demand energy efficiency, lower costs, noise reduction and structural integrity, and we are the first to provide this in one complete window package.”

What do you know? It’s another option for replacement windows. Have you looked at your windows lately?

Sophiep To 2/20/2011

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