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Did you know that when you replace your windows or doors, you are required to get permits for the project? Well, it’s the law! According to the Florida Department of Community Affairs, window permits are a strict guideline within Florida Building Codes. Municipalities require permits to guarantee that the windows or doors you’ve purchased and installed adhere to state requirements. Wind ratings and installation guidelines are especially important and are specifically stated in these Florida guidelines.

Some homeowners are concerned about the permit pulling process. FAS Windows & Doors is very familiar with the process, and our team members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the requirements or procedure. Building permits are granted in the name of the person or persons that perform the installation. The only individuals allowed to get a permit are licensed contractors or owners/builders.

Building permits are issued in the name of the person or persons performing the work. Only licensed contractors, or owners/builders may obtain a permit. These permits grant you the assistance and service of the Florida Department of Community Affairs, who have access to experts in their field that approve the different stages of the your window and door project. These experts make sure that all of the installation is completed according to code and to the specified plans. The most important aspect of the permit pulling process is to remember that working without one is illegal. Lack of a permit can lead to violations, which can lead to additional time and expenses added to your project. Even if no violation occurs during replacement, when you sell your home, absence of proper permits can cause major problems. FAS Windows & Doors is happy to help you with your replacement windows and doors projects. You’ll feel safe and secure knowing that FAS Windows & Doors always pulls proper permits.

Katie Pettit 11/24/2010

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