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Our Commitment To You

FAS Windows & Doors was founded on a simple premise: homeowners as well as building professionals want quality products that are substantial, skillfully crafted and installed by professionals. While this remains at the heart of what FAS Windows & Doors achieves each and every day, we’ve learned a great deal from our customers over the years as we’ve established our business. We understand windows, doors and exterior coatings play a huge role in making a home feel comfortable, secure and energy efficient, especially here in Florida.

Homeowners want their windows, doors, and exterior coating to deliver on each of these promises from the moment they are installed and last for as long as they live in their homes. For FAS Windows & Doors, that not only means delivering a quality product, but also delivering a quality company.

We are a company that informs every homeowner of all their options, and stands behind each and every product line we sell.

Brett Roth 10/16/2009

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