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Orlando Window Installation: One Installer Guarantees Consistency

When it comes to longevity for your custom windows and doors, nothing is more important than well-executed installation. FAS Windows & Doors goes the extra mile to ensure consistency throughout the replacement window and door installation process.

One installer throughout the window and door replacement process guarantees consistency

When you use FAS Windows & Doors, you work with the same dependable installation representative from beginning to end. This helps avoid miscommunication or confusion throughout the process.

Every home is different, and the installer completes an in-home scan to see if he or she needs special tools to accommodate the installation. The individual who takes the dimension measurements of your windows and doors, called “tight measures,” is the same person who installs the product. Before your beautiful new custom windows and doors are installed, the installer reviews details with the customer, such as door swings, hardware, or paint colors, to make sure they get exactly what you want. After every appointment, installers make notes of their visit in a on-site customer tracking system for future reference.

To learn more about FAS Window & Doors’ unique installation process, schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation or schedule a showroom appointment in Tampa or Orlando.

Elizabeth Rissman 4/14/2012

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