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New Headquarter for Simonton Windows

FAS Windows & Doors carries products by Simonton Windows. Their product lines includes Energy Star rated products. Simonton Windows just celebrated their 60-year anniversary. Now, they are looking forward to their new headquarter in Columbus, Ohio.

The company have finalized their planes to relocate to Easton Town Center on 3948 Townsfair Way.

Mark Savan, president of Simonton Windows, thinks “this move fully supports our vision of becoming a more consumer-oriented company. The state of Ohio and the city of Columbus have been extremely supportive of our move. We hope to move into the new space in June.”

The new headquarter is on the second floor above the retail outlets. After searching for a space that suit their needs, Savan believes the space in Easton Town Center “has excellent accessibility for our customers and vendors, numerous amenities for our employees and a consumer-products orientation.” It will have a product showroom and will be able to host customer and vendor meetings.

Congrats on the move Simonton Windows! We hope everything turns out perfect.

Sophiep To 4/4/2011

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