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Neuma French Doors: An Overview

Nuema Doors provides a unique selection of old-world, traditional or modern elegance to your home, while offering incredible safety, visibility, durability, ease of maintenance and access to your home.

Design Features:

-Multi-Point Lock Our superior, multi-point lock system increases security and enhances performance by providing smooth operation. The multi-point lock is standard on all 8’ units.

-Glass Options Our standard doors come with 5/8” insulated Cardinal Low E2 272 glass. Impact rated doors come with 1” impact glass (Laminated). Co-extruded glass stopper provides easy glass replacement. All units are available with internal grilles.

-Aluminum Mullion Retractable Screen Our durable aluminum mullion, covered with composite material, can withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Engineered retractable screens are optional.

-Weep – Hole A weep-hole cover is provided which allows water to drain out, while preventing dust and dirt from getting in.


-Frames are made of composite material with a smooth exterior and interior finish -Optional woodgrain finish is available. Exterior woodgrain is special order -Frames are available in 4-9/16” or 6-9/16”* -Jambs include screen channels -Thresholds have superior draining systems to channel water away from the door


-Pre-finished woodgrain doors are available in a wide variety of colors. -Smooth surfaces can be painted and textured surfaces can be stained -The polyurethane foam core is 100% CFC-free -Standard doors have smooth white exterior and smooth white interior -Optional woodgrain textures are available. Exterior woodgrain is special order -Strong and durable fiberglass skins will not rust, dent, split or rot -Full-length composite edging increase water and moisture protection -The bottom sweeps have superior weather stripping design * Net Jamb dimensions are 5-3/4” and 7-3/4”

Hardware & Glazing:

-Multi-point lock systems are available for all patio systems, standard on 8’ patio doors. -Dark Brown and Gold Brass handle sets come with matching sills. Satin Nickel and White handle sets come with an anodized aluminum sill. -All hardware components are precisely designed and machined for Neuma Doors. -Handle sets are available with a Gold Brass, Satin Nickel, White or Dark Brown finish. -All handle set finishes are available for both the Tiffany and Royal series. Hardware finishes are available in Gold Brass, Satin Nickel, White and Dark Brown. Handle colors come with matching sills, with the exception of white handles, which have anodized aluminum sills.

Brett Roth 12/2/2009

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