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National Window Safety Week

April 6th through April 12th is National Window Safety Week. At FAS we are devoted to your families’ safety and wanted to devote this blog to this very important issue. The National Safety Council has issued a press release this week, which can be found here. The National Safety Council’s website provides some great information on how to confirm your windows are safe, including this handy window checklist. One way to include the whole family and to ensure your children know window safety is to print off this helpful window safety coloring book.

Andersen Windows is taking this week to provide some additional resources for National Window Safety Week. They have provided a free safety brochure as part of their “Look out! For kids” campaign. The brochure can be found and downloaded here. “Windows and doors do more than provide views, sunlight and breezes. They can offer an important path to escaping a fire or emergency; yet left open, they can also be a potential fall hazard,” said Andersen Corporation Director Mark Mikkelson. ”As we open our windows to the fresh air, Andersen offers five simple safety tips that remind us all to look out for safety.”

Top 5 Tips for Window Safety

1.Always close and lock windows and doors.

2.For ventilation, open windows that children can’t reach. Children can quickly climb to window ledges and sills and fall.

3.Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent falls. Insect screens are designed to provide ventilation and keep bugs out.

4. Consider installing window opening control devices or window guards.

5. Position beds and other furniture away from windows.

Windows play a vital role in home safety, serving as a secondary escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency, but they can also pose a risk for a fall if safety measures are not followed. Determine your family’s emergency escape plan and practice it regularly. Window safety should be observed throughout the year but this week is a great time to ensure the proper precautions are used in your home.

R. Wilding 4/8/2014

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