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Mono…What? Glass

Mono… What? Glass… Explained!

When I first started learning about windows and doors, the blonder side of me puzzled over terminology like monolithic glass. Some basic glass vocabulary is needed if you are looking to replace your windows and doors.

Monolithic glass refers to a non-insulated, single unit of glass. When considering glass options, it’s vital to know some of the industry vocabulary so that you know what you’re looking for in a product.

Glass is defined as an inorganic transparent material composed of sand, sodium carbonate, and lime (calcium carbonate) with small quantities of alumina, boric or magnesia oxides.

Annealed glass is a standard sheet of float glass that has no been treated with heat.

In the glass floating process, the molten glass is introduced to a molten tin bath. Floating on the tin and spreading, the glass then searches for a controlled level. This controlled heating permits the glass to form a uniformly-thick, flat ribbon. After, the glass is cooled slowly and is fed into the annealing lehr for even more cooling.

Tempered glass is strong, treated glass that is fortified by reheating it to just below the melting point and then rapidly cooling it. They do this so that when tempered glass is broken, it breaks into small pieces, and therefore, is safer for your home or commercial property. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than standard annealed glass. Its use is required as safety glazing in entry door systems, patio doors, side lights, and in other dangerous locations. Because of the treatment process, and the way it breaks, it cannot be re-cut after tempering.

Whatever your glass desires are, it’s crucial to know about a few of these basic glass processes.

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Katie Pettit 9/18/2010

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