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Making a Grand Entrance: 4 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Front Door

How many times do you walk through your front door every year? How many times do friends, family members, and other visitors walk through your front door? Hundreds? Maybe even thousands?

Your front door welcomes you home after a long day at school or work. It provides a barrier between you and the world when you need some room to breathe. It’s the first thing visitors see when they approach your home. And whether you realize it or not, your front door conveys your home’s personality and character.

To put it simply, your front door is more than just an entrance to your home. It should be functional, but it should also look beautiful and stylish. When you’re ready to upgrade your standard door and design a grand entrance, consider the following four factors.


Standard doors stand 80 inches tall and span 24-26 inches wide, but you need more than a standard door to welcome you home.

If you want your front door to make a statement, choose a taller, wider door. Look for ceiling-height doors, or doors that stand at least 98 inches tall. Not only do larger doors make bold statements, they also make your home look bigger than it actually is.


If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably never thought about your door’s material. But your door’s material plays an integral role in the message your home conveys. Consider the following material options.

  1. Steel is both strong and stylish. It provides protection against Florida’s harsh humidity and tropical storms while also creating a sleek, modern feel. It’s also one of the least expensive door materials available.

  2. Wood is natural, timeless, and beautiful. Homeowners love wood doors because they create a comfortable, classy feeling that makes visitors feel welcome. Because wood is a timeless material, you can use it whether you want to create a rustic look or a more modern design.

  3. Glass is the perfect material if you want a fresh, interesting look. Glass allows you to create interesting geometric patterns and shapes, which means you’ll make a major statement if you choose glass for your front door. Because glass also complements other door materials, it adds an air of uniqueness to any home design.

  4. Precious metals like bronze and copper will assuredly make your front door stand out. You won’t find a door made entirely from bronze or copper, but you can find doors with bronze or copper finishes. These strong, long-lasting doors resist Florida’s weather conditions exceptionally well. Precious metals also oxidize over time, which means these doors will only get more beautiful as they age.


Color is the best way to make your front door stand out. A few months ago we wrote a blog post about colored front doors. Because we know choosing a door color can seem daunting, we’ve provided information on some specific shades that will help you make a statement.

Bright, Bold Colors

  1. Turquoise is playful, refreshing, complements natural materials like wood and stone. Since it is reminiscent of the ocean, it’s the perfect shade for any Florida home.

  2. Cranapple is rich, warm, and luxurious. Because it evokes rose petals and dark wine, it looks best with clean lines and light shades. Pair it with light hues of green and grey or white.

  3. Bronze is bold and energetic. This deep shade of orange conveys warmth, making it a great choice for Florida homeowners. Bronze also pairs well with virtually any neutral color scheme.

Soft, Subtle Hues

  1. Slate gray is striking, versatile, and trendy. Gray is popular right now because it adds a twist to traditional neutral palettes. Whether your home has stone or wood features, a gray door will add an air of liveliness to your exterior.

  2. Thyme green is rich, classy, and adds a luxurious feel to home exteriors. What makes this shade of green appealing is its touch of brown that helps it pair well with most colors and materials.

  3. Amazon soil is a deep, lush shade of mauve. This dark shade of purple is great for homeowners who want to choose a bold door color but worry about going overboard.

Accents & Details

No door is complete without a few finishing touches. After all, the smallest details often make the biggest statements.

  1. Hardware is a must-have if you want an attractive door. Your hardware should complement your home’s overall design. So if you want a more modern look, install steel handles on your door. If your home has a more rustic feel, choose distressed copper plating.

  2. Pediment sets sit on top of your door frame, making your entryway appear taller. Pediment sets are excellent options when you want to add height to your door for an affordable price.

  3. Door trim and pilasters surround your door on all sides, making the door look bigger. They add dimension to your door, helping your home appear larger. Like pediment sets, they are an affordable alternative to larger doors.

Your door is more than the entrance to your home. It is your home’s focal point and serves as the gateway to the heart of your ho me and family. Put these tips to use when you look for a new entry door, and don’t forget to look at our other blogs for more tips on choosing the perfect door for your home.

Alexandra 4/10/2015

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