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Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule

Up until November 15th, EPA Certifies 511,000 Lead-Safe renovators and 64,000 remodeling firms according to The Official Online Newspaper of NAHB, I wrote about EPA’s regulation on the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule that went into affect earlier this year. Recently, a meeting was held with NAHB and a not so surprising fact was shared; homeowners are still using noncertified contractors or remodelers for their needs.

For the past month and will still continue, NAHB launched a campaign to drive home the importance of lead testing. Through print, radio and now magazine ads, NAHB hope to reach more people and expose the safe way to go is to go with a firm that is certified safe. For firms to be cerfitied, the employees have to go through EPA-approved training. There are also test kits, such as D-Lead</ and LeadCheck.

The EPA is in the midst of a two-month magazine ad campaign promoting the need to use certified lead-safe remodelers in homes built before 1978.

FAS Windows & Doors has been certified a lead-safe firm. Our team has gone through the training to check for homes built before 1978. We will stay on top of permits and regulations to make sure our customers are fully protected. Please think twice when you are deciding to make any renovations to your home if it is built before 1978. Be safe and be aware.

Sophiep To 11/22/2010

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