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Laminated Glass Option for Vinyl Windows

If you are considering windows that provides energy efficiency, security and noise reduction, then consider laminated insulating glass. This type of glass blocks over 99% of the sun’s most damaging UV rays because of features like polyvinyl butyral inner layer and a low-emissivity coating. In terms of security, the laminated glass will not fall out inside the home if the window is struck with force. For example, it take up to 30 powerful hits of a baseball bat before even a small hole is formed with the laminated insulating glass in impact windows. Last, but not least, it helps with noise reduction. Compared to other glass option for windows, it shows a 100% difference in lessening sound.

If you are looking for vinyl windows with laminated glass is one of the best options. With FAS, there are four product lines to choose from: Impression, Reflections, StormBreaker Plus and StormBreaker. The StormBreaker and StormBreaker Plus are more gear towards protection from hurricanes. Impression and Reflections are more for Central Florida. Either way, FAS will offer a free in-home estimate for three or more windows. Get that quote for your potential Simonton windows now!


Sophiep To 2/28/2010

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