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Laminated Glass Maximizes Home Security

Crime is an unfortunate reality of modern living. Keep your family and possessions safe by fortifying your windows with laminated security glass.

Replacement Window Laminated Glass Keeps Intruders Out

Laminated glass makes home intrusion via window extremely difficult, because it withstands several blows without losing its original shape. By the time the invader fully breaks the window, neighbors and law enforcement can be alerted.

Here’s how it works: Laminated glass takes the dual-pane glass standard up a notch, as the interior window pane is coated with an impact resistant, transparent polyvinyl butyral resin. When a blunt object comes in contact with a laminated security window, broken glass fragments stay in the frame, much like a fractured automobile window. Unlike non-laminated glass which shatters instantly upon impact, high-performance laminated glass such as Low-E keeps its original shape.

Learn more ways replacement windows can enhance home security. Call to schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation or visit our Orlando showroom to see all of FAS Windows & Door’s security glass options.

Elizabeth Rissman 9/28/2012

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