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Key Summer Window Maintenance Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

According to the United States Department of Energy, nearly 25% to 30% of all heat gain and loss comes as a result of inefficient windows and doors. Here in Central Florida, rising temperatures during summer and warmer-than-average months during winter mean that homeowners need to take great care that their windows are in proper shape.

To best prepare your home for the coming summer months, let’s take a look at a few key summer window maintenance tips that you can implement today to enjoy a more energy-efficient and comfortable home, tomorrow.

How Important is Summer Window Maintenance?

Central Florida faces summer temperatures ranging from 90 F to 95 F with regularity. With heat indexes pushing temperatures above 100, it is easy to see why energy efficiency is so important. Keeping your home cool when these warm fronts roll through is important because, at this temperature, the heat can quickly become dangerous or uncomfortable.

5 Keys to Window Maintenance Success

Before summer arrives, take some time to perform an energy audit of your home. A home energy audit can directly reveal your home’s energy consumption, where energy is going, and how to address problem areas.

Aside from an energy audit, homeowners can also put together their own summer window maintenance checklist by tackling the following areas.

  1. Remove All Excess Debris – Living in Florida means dealing with the elements as they manifest. From heavy storms to high winds, dirt and debris can quickly become a problem in and around your home. Consider taking some time every year to remove all of the leftover dirt and debris that has built upon the surface. When there is dirt and debris preventing a window from properly closing, seals won’t be held tightly and energy will be lost in the process.

  2. Replace Older Windows – According to a report published by Dr. Sarma Pisupati of the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, outdated windows take up nearly 20 percent of our wall’s surface areas. What’s more, a study published in 1990 showed that nearly one-fourth of all heating and energy expenses were a result of unwanted heat loss through poorly insulated windows in both commercial and residential applications. Put plainly, replacing your old windows can lead directly to energy savings.

  3. Cover Any Air Leaks – If you aren’t replacing any windows, take some time to assess your existing ones for air leaks. Air leaks may be small enough to go unnoticed on most days, but their continued heat loss can lead to big energy expenses at the end of the day. This is a DIY project that can be accomplished with weatherstrip, caulk, and some free time.

  4. Clean Your Screens – The purpose of your window screen is to allow fresh air into the home without anything from outside. Over time, your screens will accumulate dirt and debris that prevents a smooth and even exchange of air. Take some time to clean out your screens by washing and scrubbing them with non-abrasive brushes. Dry the screens completely before reinstalling them.

  5. Install Storm Windows – Not only are storm windows generally a good idea for homes in Central Florida, but they also can help you with your energy expenses. Storm windows add an additional layer of protection against both air leaks and moisture. While storm windows may have a higher up-front cost, they will allow homeowners to save exponentially on energy costs.

There are a variety of ways to address heat and cooling loss within your home. Treating your doors and windows or replacing them with energy-saving alternatives can be the best first step to take. If you are in Central Florida and want help from an experienced team of window installation professionals, FAS Windows & Doors can help!

About FAS Windows & Doors

Located in Central Florida, FAS Windows & Doors proudly serves the entire state with winning door and window solutions. From replacement and installation to completely new construction, founders Ernie & John Wilding stand proudly behind every installation and product in their inventory.

FAS Windows & Doors offers a range of winning benefits to inspire every Floridian to improve their home where they can. Here are a few great reasons to consider calling FAS!

  1. Windows & Doors – A massive inventory of windows and doors can be found in the FAS showrooms located in Orlando and Tampa. Replacement patio doors, French Doors, and entry doors are also available.

  2. Family Owned Dealer – FAS is the largest family-owned window and door dealer in the entire state of Florida. Established by a father-and-son duo, every customer at FAS is a part of the family.

  3. Flexible Financing – It has never been more affordable to upgrade your windows and doors. FAS provides financing options to approved clients. FAS works directly with primary lenders to provide No Interest, No Payments for 6, 12, and 18 months.

  4. Discounts – Veterans and Seniors enjoy discounts on service!

Contact FAS Windows & Doors to begin discussing your summer window upgrades!



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