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Is Your Carpet Fading? Andersen Can Help!

Are you concerned about the damage the sun is doing to your carpets or upholstery? Do you find that your furniture is fading in the sunlight? The damage to your home’s decor could be a result of the kind of windows you currently have in your house. Damaging ultraviolet rays could be coming into your home through your windows, although technology now exists that can prevent this from happening.

Choosing to upgrade to windows and doors with low-emissivity glass can dramatically alter the effects the sun has on your home. Low-emissivity glass, more commonly known as low-E, can filter greater than half of those UV rays that cause all of the damage to your furniture, carpet, and upholstery. However, laminated insulating glass is the absolute most effective at blocking out unwanted UV light. Laminated insulating glass is made up of a polyvinyl butyral inner layer between the panes, making the product having much more thermal efficiency. The combination of laminated insulating glass and low-E coating together can filter out greater than 99 percent of unwanted UV rays.

Andersen has options available to you if low-emissivity glass is a feature that your current windows are missing. Andersen’s High Performance Low-E4 glass repels water spots, dirt, and UV rays up to 99%. Even better, Andersen High Performance Low-E4 glass can help you save time because you won’t be spending it on cleaning, or replacing your faded furniture. If you would like more information on Low-E, call FAS Windows & Doors’ experts at 1-888-422-1960.

Katie Pettit 11/27/2010

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