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Is it a good time for a new home?

We have all heard that the housing market and the construction industry are really suffering in this economy. Although housing is down, this is mostly in reference to the construction of new houses. With poor outlooks and many home owners unsure of their futures, not many people are looking to invest into new homes at this time. Recovery may take years for this segment of the economy, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is in trouble.

The home improvement market is expected to recover long before new construction, possibly as early as within the year. Many home owners are not looking to build new houses, they are more interested in revitalizing their current home. There are many projects that can be undertaken, and a smart one of these is replacing windows. And the timing couldn’t be better when it comes to prices. Many companies are offering the best prices they ever have!

By adding new windows, not only is there a boost in the house’s value, but a fresh new look too. On the national average 77.2% of costs in replacing windows are regained at the time of sale on the house.High quality windows are also an excellent way to save money on energy costs in both the summer and winter! With low-e coated glass, there will be a noticeable change in your energy bills from the first month after you install new windows. We offer many different options and would be glad to discuss them with you. For a FREE consultation call us at 888-422-1690!

Nicole 8/15/2011

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