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Increase Your Home Security While You’re Away

You may have noticed: Temperatures are in the high 90s, and the kids are out of school. It’s official–summer vacation has arrived. Summer is often a time when families look forward to spending some quality time together by going on vacation, but recent increases in home burglaries make home owners reluctant to leave. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep your home secure while you’re away.

Install Heavy-Duty Hardware and Security Glass

Investing in substantive locks and hardware in entry doors is the first step to thwarting intruders. Deadbolts or exterior key locks make it more difficult to break in. Key operated interior locks without inside knobs make it more difficult for intruders to reach in windows through broken glass to unlock the door. Locks at multiple touch points—such as auxiliary foot locks provided by Andersen—also increase security.

In addition, you can avoid window penetration almost entirely by investing in high performance laminated glass on windows and doors. Even if the glass is hit with a blunt object, security glass maintains it shape so doesn’t fall out of the frame.

Go ahead—take the family vacation. FAS Windows & Doors has you covered. To view our extensive product selection featuring advanced security options, visit our showroom in Tampa or Orlando, or schedule an in-home, no obligation consultation today.

Elizabeth Rissman 6/16/2012

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