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Importance of Being a Window Label Reader

Our very own John Wilding, was recently featured in an article published on Simonton Windows blog. The blog article highlights the importance of being a window label reader. Windows label reading is important because it states the certification programs, warranties and standards the window has been endowed. The blog article breaks down some of the more popular certifications which are AAMA, NFRC Certification and ENERGY STAR®.

“For the most part, national top-name window manufacturers who have been dedicated to building windows for years are a smart choice for your window selection,” says Simonton ProNetwork Member John Wilding of FAS Windows and Doors in Florida. “These national companies, such as Simonton Windows, have a proven track record of dependability and will be available to support your long-term window needs.”

To see more of the blog article, please click here. Or should you have any questions on window labels, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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