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Hurricane Windows Versus Hurricane Panels: Which One is Right For You?

Florida living definitely has its perks: Breath-taking landscapes, days filled with sunshine, and a climate that makes our Northern neighbors insanely jealous come winter-time. But there are some weather conditions in Florida for which every resident should be prepared: Hurricanes and heavy rain. Protect your home by educating yourself on hurricane windows and panels, and which one is right for you.

Hurricane Windows: The ultimate in protection

Good protection from hurricane force winds start with a high-quality window. Single hung vinyl windows from companies like PGT undergo certification to match Miami-Dade protocols for small and large projectile resistance. FAS Windows & Doors carries hurricane impact windows with laminated glass, which resist impact and keep original shape even when hit with a high-velocity object.

Hurricane Panels: A low-cost alternative

If you are content with the quality of your current windows, hurricane panels offer added protection. FAS Windows & Doors carries storm panels in three materials: Galvanized steel, aluminum, and clear lexan plastic. Hurricane panels offer a more affordable alternative if you aren’t looking to augment the permanent look of your home. Our experts at FASWD are here to answer all of your questions. Call to schedule an appointment in our Tampa or Orlando showrooms, or contact us today to schedule an in-home, no obligation consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 9/13/2012

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