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Hurricane Impact Windows from Simonton

The year 2004 hurricane season was one of the most notorious in Florida history. The combination of Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne left Florida in shambles and homeowners scrambling to pick up the pieces of damaged homes. While many houses were destroyed, some were left standing. Learn how hurricane impact windows from Simonton keep your family safe during a storm.

Invest in hurricane impact windows today for a worry-free tomorrow

Hurricane impact windows are tested to resist impact from both small and large projectiles, much like the debris that is hurled by wind toward a house during a hurricane.

Kathryn Turner couldn’t be happier with her choice to install Simonton StormBreaker Plus, the industry’s leading hurricane impact windows. Just seven months after installation, Category 5 Hurricane Ivan ripped through her normally quiet coastal hometown. “My condo had minimal water damage from a neighbor’s leaky roof, but that’s it. Many of my neighbors have come to me saying they invested in StormBreaker Plus.”

August and September are typically the most brutal months during hurricane season. If you are worried about your home ability to withstand a hurricane, call us today for a free, in-home consultation or stop by our showroom in Orlando or Tampa. When it comes to hurricane, you are better safe than sorry.

Elizabeth Rissman 8/2/2012

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