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How Vinyl Impact-resistant Windows Help Your Tampa Home

Vinyl windows are very versatile, making them an excellent choice for almost any Tampa home. They can provide energy-efficient savings, are low maintenance, and eco-friendly – and most importantly, they can give you incredible design options.

Save Money with Vinyl Windows

Vinyl does not easily retain or transfer heat, making it a great material for warmer climates such as Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. Using vinyl replacement windows prevents direct sunlight from heating up your windows and raising the internal temperature of your home. By reducing the heat being absorbed through your windows you can reduce the cooling costs of your home.

Vinyl Windows are Low Maintenance

While wood windows are comparable to vinyl against heat conductivity, they often require much more overall maintenance, especially where direct sun exposure is constant. Wood windows must be sanded and painted to maintain their original look. A sealant must also be applied to untreated wood windows to prevent splitting and rot.

Vinyl windows are water resistant and will never require refinishing. Only soap and water is required to keep your replacement vinyl windows looking brand new during their lifetime.

Vinyl Windows are Eco-Friendly

Vinyl replacement windows are made from virgin pharmaceutical vinyl that has never been recycled or used in any other product. However, at the end of their lifespan vinyl windows are easily melted down and remade into new PVC products.

Another way these windows are eco-friendly is that their lifespan is much longer than other types of windows. Replacement vinyl windows can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained, unlike aluminum, fiberglass and wood windows that may need to be replaced over time.

Design Your Tampa Home Using Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows give you a wide variety of design options including:

  1. Double- hung

  2. Single-hung

  3. Sliding

  4. Picture

  5. Bay and Bow

  6. Garden

  7. Specialty shapes

But whichever style you choose, you can rest assured that by installing vinyl windows you can help reduce noise, save energy and money, increase your property value and the appearance of your home.

For more information on our replacement vinyl window options, contact an FAS Windows & Doors expert by calling (877) 289-0825 or visit us at our Tampa showroom to see full-size samples of the different product lines we carry.

FASWD 11/18/2016

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