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How Long Do Tampa Replacement Vinyl Windows Last?

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There aren’t many instances when someone is looking to replace their windows just because. Chances are, if you’re in the market to upgrade your windows it’s due to the old ones aren’t performing as well as they used to.

If that is the case, it makes sense that you’re looking to invest in truly long-lasting windows that will enhance the look and functionality of your home. But just how long your new replacement windows will last is determined heavily on the window quality and the installation.

How long do replacement windows last?

The answer to that question is determined by several different factors such as the quality of the windows, how well they are installed, and how well your house is shielded from outside elements.

If you have quality windows that were installed properly and are not generally endangered by the elements, you can expect your windows to last at least 20-25 years. Of course, ensuring you have the right windows and a trusted installation company is the key to maximizing the lifetime of your windows.

Quality Windows Last Longer

The first step in having your windows last for a couple decades is buying quality replacement windows that are going to keep your home efficient and comfortable.

Florida is a pretty harsh climate for windows because of the intense heat and hurricane risks. This means that the windows that are created for Florida homes are some of the toughest and most energy efficient.

Many homeowners today opt to buy double or even triple-pane windows for maximum performance. With that, vinyl is often a preferred material of choice replacement windows because it provides adequate thermal protection for a lower cost than wood or fiberglass. If a window is well built and has all the energy efficiency features required it should last for a longer period of time. That’s why when shopping for your replacement vinyl windows you should consider getting windows that are ENERGY STAR rated.

Proper Installation Ensures a Longer Life for Your Windows

Even the highest quality windows can be ineffective when not installed properly. When not installed correctly, leaks can occur and nullify any energy efficiency benefits of your replacement windows. In addition, damaging the area around the window during the process could lead to even more costs for repair.

FAS Windows & Doors take our installation process very seriously, and we only utilize our insured and certified installation team. We are so confident in our installers’ ability to provide you with an incredible experience that we even warranty the installation.

For more information on Tampa replacement window options or to ask any other questions you might have, please contact an FAS Windows & Doors expert by calling (877) 289-0825 or visit us at our Tampa showroom.

FASWD 5/30/2019

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