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How It’s Made: Insulating Glass

Why Use Insulated Glass?

Windows made of insulated glass have parts other than just the solitary pane of glass separating the home from the exterior world. They are considered vital when it comes to any plan to make a home or building as energy efficient as possible. There are several different strategies used for insulated glass when it comes to its effectiveness.

Low energy costs and regulated temperatures are not the only benefits of installing insulated glass. Insulated glass offers other benefits as well, including its ability to often decrease the level of noise from exterior that transfers to the interior. Insulated glass is also a better watch dog against dust and pollen collection on the window.

The most frequently used types of insulated glass are those products with multiple panes. Most insulated glass units possess two panes, but some are triple-paned.In addition, most insulated glass window products with multiple panes have little else but air in between those pieces of glass, but argon or krypton gas placed between those panes can help add further energy and noise protection to the product. These gases help reduce heat transference between the panes.

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Katie Pettit 10/13/2010

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