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Have an annoying squeaky door?

A squeaky door can be one of the most irritating sounds in any home. One may think that fixing a squeaky door may be difficult but it’s really not, you can complete this task by yourself. In this blog we will give you some tips on how to fix the squeaky doors on your own.

First of all to avoid getting your door squeaky you should take care of its cleanliness; clean it regularly with a duster and if you live in a wet area take special care of your door and its hinges. Do not bang the door with force; handle it gently. If you have sliding doors, do not step on its frame and keep the frame clean by using vacuum cleaner.

Let’s starts with the easiest and most common solution for that squeaky door, regular cleaning and oiling of the hinges and nuts can act as a good preventative measure as well as cure the door from a squeak. If a good cleaning and oiling of the nuts and hinges does not fix the squeak, examine the door and fine if it is rubbing against something, this may have been caused from weather related issues or from the install. If the door is rubbing you can fix this by using sand paper on the area that is rubbing.

Tim 6/8/2011

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