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French Doors: Luxury Living That’s Affordable and Secure

As the name implies, French doors originated in France during the 16th century. Their purpose was to light interiors more efficiently by modifying solid doors with panes of glass called “lights”. In addition to allowing more light to filter in, these doors also helped maintain an even temperature throughout the year.

Today, French doors have kept the same original purposes, but have obviously been upgraded over time. Modern, impact-resistant French door systems provide protection from extreme weather, insulation from noise, temperature fluctuations and the fading effects of UV rays, and create a barrier against intruders.

Some of these upgrades have come along inherently, and some are to keep up with the forces of nature that we face in Florida. Florida Building Code-compliant French doors are built to withstand storm-force winds. At FAS we offer only the best in Custom French doors that will stand up to the weather and stand out from the crowd.

French doors provide:

  1. A way to “connect” the inside of your home with the outdoor patio, pool, garden, beach and balconies

  2. A way to create functional space between adjoining rooms that may need to be partitioned off for privacy, noise elimination or air conditioning purposes

  3. An alternative to traditional front entryway doors that does not pose a security risk because of impact-resistant glass panes and a three-point locking system

Impact Windows for French Doors

Much like hurricane impact windows designed for your home, the windowpanes placed in French doors are also designed to protect your home against extreme weather and intruders alike.

A variety of impact glass is available to further customize any of your impact-resistant French doors and offer as much privacy or transparency as you wish.

FAS Windows & Doors offers some of the safest, most reliable, yet aesthetically beautiful, ‘weather safe’ hurricane windows and doors – building code rated for the Southeast’s storm-prone weather.

Purchasing Your New French Doors

At FAS, we offer the full line of French Doors from top brands like Andersen, Simonton, Eagle & Windoor – direct from the factory. Feel free to come in and visit our showroom, where you can look at the beauty and quality of our French Doors.

To schedule a free consultation at your home, call us today at 877-289-0825.

FASWD 10/16/2018

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