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French Door Security: Burglary Prevention

Replacement French Doors add light and beauty to your living space, but larger glass surfaces act as vulnerable entry points for intruders. Here’s how to have the artistry of French Doors without compromising safety.

Laminated Glass Increases Security

Fortifying your custom French Doors with laminated security glass will decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Since glass is typically more fragile than wood or vinyl, an intruder can easily break French Door windows with a crowbar or steel-toed boot. Brands like Andersen use high-performance Low-E double-pane windows in their French Doors to offer an extra layer of protection.

Durable Hardware Adds Protection

All exterior doors require proper locks for home safety. FAS Windows & Doors carries multiple hardware options to provide security without sacrificing style. Consider locks that cannot be popped by a credit hard or screw driver, such as exterior hinged or sliding door turn key locks. Locks at multiple points along the frame, such as interior foot or top locks, make unwanted entry even more difficult.

We offer a full line of replacement French Doors from top brands like Andersen, Simonton, and Eagle at factory direct pricing. Visit our Orlando showroom or call to schedule a no-obligation, free in-home consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 4/12/2012

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