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Florida : A Unique Market

In the United States there are somewhere around 4,000 windows manufacturers. Many of these companies are small, local companies, with less than 200 employees. However, there are the larger ones with upwards of 7,000 employees. FAS works with both ends of the spectrum. Custom Window Systems based out of Ocala Florida is a small business with 180 employees, and on the other hand Andersen out of Bayport Minnesota has 8,500 employees. Of these 4,000 companies, only about 100 are approved for use in the Florida market. This is because there are stringent rules and regulations. Given the threat of hurricanes and the inclement weather we experience here in Florida, not any window will do.

Just because a window can be sold in Florida does not mean that FAS will carry it. We have experimented with many different companies, and have narrowed down to what we consider to be the top-notch manufacturers. Andersen, CWS, Eagle, PGT and Simonton are all companies that have made it to the top 100 replacement window companies. We sell these products because we know they are quality. Our customers know it too. We want every job we do to be exactly what our customer wants and needs.

Brett Roth 10/2/2009

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