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Five Minute Trim

Andersen Trim that installs in five minutes, yes you read that right, five minutes. Now the process of installing trim around your new windows and doors became less of a process, which is something we all can enjoy. You can say goodbye to measuring, cutting, mitering and filling nails holes with the new trim the Andersen offers on their 400 and 200 series windows and doors.

The trim is made of Fibrex material which is made from 40% pre-consumer wood fiber. This fiber is environmentally friendly and is perfect for creating a smooth colorful matte finish on the trim. The trim comes in a wide range of colors to help add character to any project. Not only does the trim come in many color options is also is low on maintenance, the trim will never need painting and will not fade, flake, blister, chalk or peel no matter what the climate is. Be sure to check out the Andersen site and check out all the color options that are available.

Tim 6/6/2011

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