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FAS Windows & Doors: An Industry Leader in Energy Efficiency

Join FAS Windows & Doors for a seminar on energy efficiency today at 1:00 PM in our Orlando showroom. FAS Windows & Doors is an industry leader in recommending energy efficient windows and doors to homeowners, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to share our knowledge with the Central Florida community.

Learn from the experts on energy efficiency

As the heat index continues to climb into the upper 90s, many homeowners are concerned about the effect of soaring temperatures on their electric bill. FAS Windows & Doors carries products like Simonton windows who partner with Energy Star, an international energy accreditation standard. Energy Star windows, on average, save the homeowner $270 when replacing a single-pane window. Insulation and high performance glass in these windows conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling costs for all consumers.

For details on today’s seminar, call our Orlando showroom at 877-289-0825.

Elizabeth Rissman 8/11/2012

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