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FAS is Certified!

In a previous blog, I had mentioned a little about the EPA Regulation on Lead Paint. Any type of repair, renovation or paint job, it will be affected by the lead paint regulation for homes built before 1978. The disturbance of lead paint can be harmful to adults and children. Therefore, the EPA has a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices. Any firm that can be affected by this rule must go through training and be certified after an eight hour course from an EPA-approved trainer. It covers procedures with containing the area, minimizing dust and cleaning up. Click here for information if you, as a homeowner, are doing the work yourself.

To ease your stress level as a homeowner looking for a window and door company, FAS is trained and certified. The image below is the seal to let you know that, once again, FAS is LEAD CERTIFIED. So, if you are ready to replace your windows and doors without having to wonder if FAS is lead certified, then contact FAS now or call 877-289-0825 for your free in-home estimate. Let’s get to work together!

Sophiep To 8/12/2010

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