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FAS Can Fix Your Fixed Windows!

FAS Can Fix Your Fixed Windows!

When using the term “fixed” when referring to windows, we are either referring to picture windows, fixed lights, or fixed sashes. Fixed windows are non-operational windows. If you have a window, and one part is labeled as “fixed”, it basically refers to the non-moving part of that window. If you can’t open it, or rather, if you’re not supposed to be able open it, it’s a fixed window.

Picture windows are stationary windows, but even though they’re non-operative, they’re often used to enhance other windows in the home.

Why Fixed or Picture Windows?

Picture windows can be used when ventilation is not an issue, and when views can be enjoyed. Picture windows allow the homeowner maintain a lovely view of the outdoors in while making the most of natural light.

Picture windows designate a portrait-esque space on the wall, framing the exterior view while also allowing natural light to shine though. If darker rooms in your home are darkening your spirits, picture windows might be a great option for you. Better yet, picture and fixed windows can appeal to whatever aesthetic you admire when these windows work in tandem with operating windows, or even patio doors.

For more information regarding our products, contact FAS Windows Doors at 1-888-422-1960. If you have any questions you’d like to submit online, you can always ask our FAS expert ! Call us today to schedule your FREE in-home estimate!

Katie Pettit 10/5/2010

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