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Facts About Vinyl Windows

When it comes to replace your windows you may have wondered what is the best choice of window to install? Should you stay with aluminum as this is what you are most familiar with? What about wood or vinyl? If you are examining all your options we here at FAS want you to be informed about the advantages of vinyl over aluminum.

Listed below are some fast facts about vinyl windows!

Facts About Vinyl Windows

Vinyl will not corrode over time; aluminum can corrode with moisture and air pollutants.

Window maintenance won’t be a big issue when your windows are first installed. However, over time, vinyl windows tend to maintain their visual appearance longer

Vinyl frame windows provide better insulation then aluminum frame windows. This will help keep your energy bills lower.

Vinyl windows are green as they requite three times less energy to produce. Vinyl can also be reprocessed and recycled repeatedly.

As you can see there are many benefits associated with choosing vinyl. From energy efficiency to the endless green factors that vinyl provides. Here at FAS we are proud to carry vinyl replacement windows! Remember if you are in the market for window replacement feel free to contact us for a complimentary in home estimate.

Tim 6/1/2011

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