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EPA’s Regulation on Lead Paint

For any renovation, repair and painting, as of April 22, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made a new regulation. The new rule of lead paint requires certification to work in target housing that are built before 1978 if they are tampering painted surfaces. This rule applies to remodelers, carpenters, plumbers, painters, heating and air conditioning, window and others who usually disturb paint in pre-1978 homes. If not, your company can be fined $37,500 per day or per job.

With FAS Windows & Doors, this new rule has been taken care of. For current and future clients, FAS is certified to work on pre-1978 homes since replacing windows and doors does disturb the paint. Along with this new regulation, you can count on FAS to have the permits up to date. For more information on this new regulation, click here.

United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Sophiep To 4/4/2010

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