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Crucial Childproofing Products for Your Windows

Your drawers, cupboards, and refrigerator stay secure with plastic locks. Your medicine bottles hide on a high shelf with child-resistant caps. Even your toilet has a childproof mechanism to keep your kids from falling or playing in the water.

You think every room in your house creates a safe environment for your children. But have you thought about your windows? Accidental falls surpass other common causes of injuries for children. And even if your child didn’t fall out a window, you still don’t want him or her to have crushed fingers or unnecessary bumps and bruises.

So what products can you use to protect both your kids and your windows?

Window Childproofing Products

Use reliable versions of these common products to childproof the windows in your home.

Window Guards

If you like to let a cool summer breeze into your house now and then, consider installing window guards as an extra precaution. While screens keep out bugs and other pests, they won’t prevent your child from falling through them. Window guards resemble bars and allow you to leave your windows open without having to worry your tot will take a tumble.

Window Stoppers

If you don’t want to spring for an entire window guard, opt for window stops as an alternative. These devices restrict how far your window can open. Even if your child learns to work the latch, he or she won’t be able to open the window farther than about four inches.

Cord Wraps

Cords, such as those found on blinds, present a strangulation risk to young children. Invest in a blind wrap or wind-up mechanism to keep your blinds’ cords out of the way. You can choose anything from a set of simple plastic hooks to a more complicated automatic mechanism.

Window Locks

Locks remain the most basic protection you can use on your windows. If you install latches and locks above your children’s reach, these can keep your kids from opening the windows without you around to supervise.

Window Safety Tips

Even when you have childproofing measures in place, you can take extra steps to ensure your children stay safe around windows.

Inspect Windows

Children will have an easier time busting through old windows than new ones. Take a look at your windows to ensure they have strong, solid frames and thick glass panes. If you need to replace your windows, look for high-quality alternatives from a reliable window and door company.

Move Furniture Away from Windows

As you know, your kids will climb anything they can reach, including your window frames and sills. Nearby furniture give your children a stepping stool toward a dangerous situation. So move chairs, stools, and other furniture away from the windows as much as possible.

Open Windows from the Top

If you have windows that can open from the top or bottom, choose the top. Kids will have a harder time reaching the opening. But you shouldn’t rely on this method alone to keep your kids on the ground. Use other window safety measures for extra security.

Close Windows After Use

Never leave a window open around a child if you plan to leave the room. Even if you use some of the childproofing products mentioned above, no system is perfect. If you leave the window open, close the door to the room so your child can’t access it.

When you want a childproofed house, you can’t forget the windows. Look for popular security products in stores near you, and call a professional if you think you might have damaged windows. With these tips and constant supervision, your children will stay safe from falls and other accidents.

Alexandra 5/14/2015

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