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COVID 19 Impacts on the Window and Door Market

COVID-19 has affected everything, including how we shop for windows and doors. You can still replace your home’s windows, doors and other fixtures, and you can still build a new construction home with stylish and functional features, but the process may be changed over previous years. Knowing how the industry has been impacted by the pandemic can help you plan for your upcoming home improvement or home building project. Here’s what you need to know about the COVID-19 impact on the window market.

Manufacturers Changed Their Factories

You may remember reading stories or hearing news segments about factory workers struggling to stay safe at the beginning of the pandemic. People who work on production lines often work in close quarters with their coworkers, which can lead to the spread of illness. Throughout 2020, manufacturers in a range of industries were forced to re-think the way their factories functioned to protect their workers and keep their production lines going. Many factory owners were forced to retool their factories to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Home Improvement Projects Increased in 2020

As factories were experiencing the problems we just described above, many homeowners took the opportunity in 2020 to perform home remodels and home improvement projects that would make their homes more comfortable places to live. Though many people were out of work in 2020, those who weren’t out of work often spent money on their homes. Demand for certain materials increased dramatically.

Resulting Supply Chain Issues

Some factories were forced to close for portions of 2020 while they redesigned their production floor for maximum employee safety – all while demand for certain materials was surging. The result was a supply chain bottleneck across industries.

Throughout the pandemic, homeowners hoping to install windows and doors in their homes have experienced shortages in materials like glass and vinyl. These issues are ongoing. Factory closures down the supply chain can continue to affect consumers for months after a disruption occurs.

Some Materials Are More Expensive

Some building materials have jumped in price. Specifically, lumber is far more expensive – and more difficult to get a hold of – compared to this time last year. Remember the fires in Oregon last fall? These devastating fires created another kink in the lumber supply chain, just one more factor that contributed to a rise in prices.

Fortunately, lumber does not represent a huge cost in the installation of new windows and doors. You can expect to pay slightly more for your windows now than you would have last year, but overall, these costs are easy to absorb for this type of home improvement project.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you’re a homeowner who would like to install new windows or doors in your home, the good news is that you should be able to accomplish those goals. Here’s what you can expect throughout the home improvement process.

Plan Ahead to Stay On Track

Are you in a rush to get your windows installed? Supply chain delays mean that homeowners hoping to install windows and doors may experience extended lead times before their window purchase is ready to be installed. If you have a deadline for installation, maybe because you’re planning to sell your home, start contacting window dealers well in advance to get the process started. Give yourself plenty of lead time to avoid delays that could disrupt your plans.

Budget Carefully

As already mentioned, some costs are inflated by the problems occurring in the supply chain right now. If you’re on a tight budget, talk to your window dealer in advance about how you can control costs, and plan to spend a little extra than you would have otherwise. Prices continue to go up so get your project started to lock in your price.

Don’t let other companies tell you they can get your product quicker. This is not the case as all manufacturers are experiencing issues. Make sure you work with a company that offers qualified installers. A good window dealer and installer will have a solid warranty, good references, and a good reputation in your community. Hiring a window dealer or installer that seems too good to be true could result in ongoing problems like window leaks and maintenance issues that could plague you for a long time to come.

Ready to Install Windows or Doors? Contact FAS Windows and Doors

The COVID 19 impact on window and door market is ongoing, but you can still accomplish your home improvement goals by working with a professional. To get started with your window or door installation in 2021, call FAS Wndows and Doors today to make an appointment for a consultation.


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