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Condensation on Windows

At the event shows that FAS Windows & Doors attends, the event marketing team often gets questions concerning condensation on their windows. What is condensation and how does it come about? The answer is easy – high humidity. Excess or high humidity in the air causes condensation on your windows. When water vapor meets with a cooler surface, the vapor turns into moisture that appears on the glass.

Scary fact according to the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, normal breathing and perspiration by a family of four can add a half pint of water to the air at home every hour. A poorly insulated house will allow humidity to enter the house more so. The answer to this condensation is replacing your windows with energy efficient windows. The temperature of the glass helps reduce condensation buildup if you have Low-E or argon gas or krypton gas. However, it will not prevent the buildup.

A few tips to lower condensation is ventilation from fans in all rooms to spread out the air, use a dehumidifier and crack open your windows! If you are having this problem and looking to replace your windows, FAS Windows & Doors have the right options for you! We carry energy efficient replacement windows from top manufactures. Contact us for your free in-home estimate!

Sophiep To 4/3/2011

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