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Condensation Giving You a Cold Attitude About Your Windows?

Condensation Giving You a Cold Attitude About Your Windows?

Condensation refers to the deposit of water vapor from the air on any cool area that’s temperature is beneath the dew point. Condensation can appear on window glass or a window frame that is open to cold exterior air. Similarly, dew point temperature is defined as the point when water vapor in the air begins to condense as frost or a liquid.

Condensation on windows, even new ones, can occur due to the fact that homes are sealed up more tightly, and therefore more energy efficient. What can we do to prevent condensation from appearing on our windows?

Condensation is moisture vapor left in the air, and that’s something no one can promise to completely get rid of. HOWEVER, high-quality vinyl windows incorporating warm-edge technology glazing systems that reduce condensation because these products much less thermally conductive than other window types. They can help keep the temperature of the window warmer—minimizing the hot and cold differences that turn moisture into condensation.

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Katie Pettit 10/12/2010

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