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Condensation and Care

At nearly all of the home shows here in central Florida, FAS Windows & Doors‘ event staff answer as many questions as possible for consumers. This year, I’ve found that homeowners often ask about condensation problems. Many homeowners wonder how water gets on the inside of a window, and what they can do about it. This can be a frustrating experience for homeowners. Hopefully, learning more about what causes condensation can lift a little weight from the situation.

Condensation is caused by higher air moisture interacting with lower temperature on glass. When the humidity on the inside is higher, and the temperature on the outside is lower, an increase in condensation results. This can be a large problem for homeowners. Too much humidity on the interior can cause deterioration to the structure. I won’t even go into the health issues that could arise from wood rot, mildew, or mold caused by condensation. (Yuck!)

How should you check to make sure you’re taking good care of your windows, and that they’re in working order? Well, functionality is an easy check to verify that your windows are in good working order. Your windows should operate smoothly. Dehumidifiers are a good choice for controlling the humidity in the home, and when properly installed, can help you maintain your windows. Of course, ceiling fans can assist in air circulation, and moisture in the air can be released outside by opening the lovely, operating windows that you have.

If you are dealing with condensation or fog between the panes, then you are likely dealing with a broken seal. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to change your “foggy outlook” besides replacing the window. Once the argon gas barrier in a thermal pane window is broken, replacement is your best option.

FAS Windows & Doors can assist you in this process of replacement compromised windows. Contact our representatives at 1-888-422-1960 to get more information about window replacement for broken windows.

Katie Pettit 11/9/2010

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