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Choosing the Perfect Front Door for Your Tampa Home

When selecting a new door for your home, there are a few things to consider including material, size and style. There are also a couple things to consider based on your location. Find out more by reading on!

Door Materials for Tampa Homes

There are three main materials to choose from for your new front door – fiberglass, steel, or a classic wood door. All of these materials offer a variety of different styles, so choosing your material is the first step to finding the perfect door for your home.

Fiberglass doors resist wear and tear. They can be painted or stained, are moderately priced and dent-resistant, and require little maintenance.

Steel doors are inexpensive and can offer security and weather resistance. They require little maintenance and are energy-efficient.

Wood doors provide a high-end look and are also very durable. Dents and scratches are easy to repair on wood doors.

ProVia is an industry leader in custom front doors, as well as a favorite in the FASWD product line. ProVia’s incredible Signet fiberglass door looks remarkably like real wood, yet is weather sealed and UV protected to withstand the harshest elements, which is important for hurricane-prone areas such as Tampa, Florida.

All these material types can offer different levels of energy-efficiency and hurricane protection, so it is important to find out the details of each product when you are determining which material to go with.

Determining Door Size

For an entry door upgrade, your entry frame size is going to limit the replacement door that can be used for your home. But for new construction, or for a more involved door replacement project, there are a lot more available options for sizing. You could get a double door entryway to make a statement, or a much taller door to make for a grand entrance. There are so many possibilities!

Front Door Style

One of the last considerations for your new front door is what style you want. Do you want to go with a bold and bright door? Keep it simple and elegant or create something totally unique with custom glass? Get creative, but make sure the creativity matches the rest of your home.

ProVia Online Visualizer

Want to see what type of door will look the best with your Tampa home? With ProVia’s online tool you can look at front door possibilities on model homes similar to yours or you can upload a photo of your own home to visualize the front door you’ve always wanted!

Once you have your design created, FAS Windows & Doors can help to finalize your design project. Call us today at (877) 289-0825 to get your project started!

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