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Choosing Andersen Patio Doors

What to keep in mind when choosing Andersen patio doors.

Compare NFRC ratings

When it comes to window or door U-Factor, the lower the better – and the less you’ll spend heating and cooling. It’s an easy, accurate way to compare the energy efficiency of windows.

Slide the door open.

Gliding patio doors should sound and feel like they’re floating, not sliding. On Andersen gliding patio doors, adjustable ball bearing rollers riding on hardened stainless steel create a smooth, quiet, long-lasting ride.

Throw the lock.

The unique Andersen lock pulls the door panel snugly into the door jamb to enhance weather-tightness and security.

Owner-2-Owner Transferable Limited Warranty.

Andersen Window & Door products feature a 20-year limited warranty on glass and a 10-year limited warranty on non-glass parts. The limited warranty never loses value over its lifetime because it is non-prorated. Being fully transferable, it can also add real value should you decide to sell your home.

The Andersen Advantage

A well-crafted patio door is a perfect combination of all the best qualities of a window and a door. It lets in the warmth and light of a window and also creates an entryway. Andersen gives you the three beautiful, distinctive styles along with an unparalleled variety of hardware and accessories.

When choosing Andersen patio doors for your home, keep these tips in mind. FAS Windows & Doors carries an extensive variety of patio door products to express your personal style. Take a look for yourself in our Orlando or Tampa showrooms, or schedule an in-home consultation to learn how you can improve your patio doors.

Nicole 11/9/2011

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