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Choose from a Wide Selection of Patio and French Doors in Tampa

People from all over the world envy your locale because you live in Florida’s lush, beautiful environment. Whether your back door features a view of the ocean or simply showcases your gorgeous yard, you want to make the most of that view. Enhance your view and fill your home with sunlight when you purchase patio and French doors from Tampa’s FAS Exteriors.

Since 2005, FAS Exteriors has provided its neighbors in St. Pete, Tampa, and Orlando with quality doors, windows, and exterior coatings. We understand how much a beautiful home matters to you, so we’ll help you find the perfect patio or french doors to complete its appearance. These doors feature large windows that make sunlight and sweeping views part of your interior décor.

Browse Our Patio and French Door Brands

At FAS Exteriors, we carry a number of high-quality brands for you to choose from. Pick and choose sliding patio door options from any of these manufacturers:

  1. Andersen. We carry Andersen’s entire line, including the contemporary Narroline option and the low-maintenance Perma-Shield option.

  2. Custom Window System. These doors have the design and materials to last a lifetime with proper care. All doors include energy-efficient glass.

  3. Eagle. Our full line of Eagle patio and french doors can meet your budget without sacrificing aesthetics.

  4. PGT. These low-maintenance doors can also fit your budget and make your home more efficient with double weather-stripping and insulated glass.

  5. Simonton. If you need extra design flexibility, choose these doors. They come in seven sizes, and some models feature sculpted exteriors.

Explore each brand via the links below to find the best option for your patio and french door needs.

Contact Us

To learn more about our patio or French doors in Tampa, call us at 877.289.0825 today. We’ll gladly answer any of your questions.

Alexandra 4/20/2015

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