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Best Window Manufacturers for Florida

Best Window Manufacturers for Florida

It comes as no surprise that Florida and its residents experience a fierce hurricane season every year. The six-month-long storm season begins in June and peaks in August, threatening to cause serious damage in its wake. To avoid destruction, it is imperative that residents perform necessary preventative and safety measures to protect their homes. Installing hurricane-resistant windows is a great way to ensure that your Florida home will weather the storm. Fortunately, FAS Windows & Doors has you covered by offering the best windows manufacturers to protect your home and family.

Simonton Windows – StormBreaker Plus

All Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows and doors meet or exceed standards for impact-resistance. In fact, they are certified to meet Missile D impact specifications for the Florida Building Commission. If struck by a blunt object such as windborne debris, the glass may crack but will adhere to the heavy polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Windows are also equipped with KeepSafe Maximum glass, providing an extra layer of protection against forced entry and burglars. Simonton windows provide excellent safety and security measures in the cases of both storms and intruders.

PGT Windows – WinGuard

PGT is a Florida based window manufacturer known for creating quality hurricane and stormproof windows. PGT has created reliable windows through collaborating directly with Miami-Dade County to ensure their windows meet safety protocols and International Building Codes. The PGT WinGuard series is a vinyl window with customizable features, UV ray protection, and corrosion-resistant materials. In addition to storm protection, PGT windows also feature ENERGY STAR® configurations. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR® storm windows can help homeowners save up to $350 on annual heating and cooling bills. These windows are tested in labs and specially engineered to protect your home against storm gusts and break-ins. PGT Windows are a great choice for protecting your home from hurricanes and saving money on future energy bills.

Soft-Lite – Barcelona

Soft-Lite Barcelona impact windows are specially designed to protect you and your family from variable weather year-round. Barcelona “Impact Level D” windows have passed rigorous ATSM large missile tests and are approved for installation right on the coastline. Additionally, they are tested and approved for high-velocity hurricane zones. “Impact Level C” windows are designed to protect homes in non-coastal areas that are prone to turbulent weather. Soft-Lite Barcelona windows also showcase heavy-duty locks, a thick-walled vinyl frame, a stainless steel constant force blast system, and other features.

Andersen Windows – Stormwatch

Stormwatch hurricane windows and other Andersen windows are built to withstand high winds and windborne debris, making them a premier option for Florida weather. Andersen products with Stormwatch protection are designed and rigorously tested to meet building codes from Maine to Miami and are exposed to wind speeds up to 155 MPH.

Andersen windows combine both style and functionality – containing structural upgrades, impact-resistant glass, and Perma-Shield exteriors. Sash and panel reinforcements provide additional stability during pressure shifts while stainless steel hinges are anchored with corrosion-resistant fasteners. Features like these make Andersen one of the best window manufacturers in Florida.

FASWD Carries the Best Window Manufacturers

FAS Windows & Doors is proud to offer the best window manufacturers for Florida to ensure your home and family are protected during any season. For more information on impact and non-impact window manufacturers, call our experts at 877-289-0825.

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