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Benefits of ProVia Entry Doors

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

ProVia entry doors offer a number of benefits over traditional wooden versions. They are resistant to insects and rot, can provide better insulation, and generally have longer lifespans. The details of the benefits vary slightly depending on which type of door you get.

ProVia Fiberglass Entry Doors

Thanks to advanced manufacturing methods, these doors look almost the same as wooden ones. Fiberglass doors offer many advantages over wood. They can be filled with insulation, thereby eliminating one of the biggest sources of energy loss in the home. The insulation also keeps them from transmitting as much noise from outside, so your home is quieter.

These doors are almost impervious to rot, and since they’re not made of metal, they also can’t rust. Choosing the right hardware, such as hinges and knobs, ensures that rust won’t be a problem there, either.

Fiberglass doors are available in either woodgrain or flat styles. The woodgrain isn’t just a generic pattern, either. It imitates the grain of the corresponding real species of tree, so only a very close examination will reveal its true nature. The look of several different tree species can be obtained by ordering a ProVia woodgrain pattern. Just choose the one you like the best.

ProVia Steel-Clad Entry Doors

Residential steel doors typically aren’t blocks of solid steel, which would be very hard to move. Instead, they have steel exteriors, and normally, are filled with insulation to help prevent unwanted temperature transfer.

ProVia’s steel doors are made from thick, 20-gauge steel for long-lasting durability. They are augmented with commercial-grade steel around the lock area for extra resistance against brute-force break-in attempts.

Like fiberglass doors, steel ones are immune to insect attack and rot. ProVia’s paints and stains give them excellent resistance to rust, as well. If the factory coating gets scratched, touching it up will preserve the rust proof feature.

The appearance of ProVia steel doors is excellent thanks to hand-applied stains or professionally-applied paints. A wide variety of color choices lets you get the perfect one for your home. There is no need to be concerned about it looking like a factory door. These are made to enhance the appearance of your home!

Benefits of All ProVia Entry Doors

Professionally Painted or Stained at the Factory

You won’t have to worry about painting your new ProVia entry door. Paint or stain – depending on your choice of finish – is professionally applied at the factory under controlled conditions. This lets ProVia provide a 7-10 year warranty on the finish. Other door companies often don’t provide a finish at all or have their dealers do it. This either leaves you with a job to do or provides variable results when the paint is dealer-applied.

The ProVia finishing process goes much further than simply brushing on a stain. Instead, it is a 7-step process that ensures long-lasting beauty. First, the door is prepared using proprietary processes. Then, the stain is hand-applied by a professional. Third, a two-part clear urethane finish goes on. Fourth, the clear coat is oven cured for durability. Fifth, the door is hand-sanded to prepare it for another layer of clear coat. Sixth, the next layer of clear coat is applied. Seventh, the door is oven cured again to make the finish extra-hard and long-lasting.

You can get a wide variety of preset colors or have ProVia custom-formulate a paint or stain for your door. The company can match any Sherwin Williams paint color.

Energy Star Certified

All ProVia entry doors are Energy Star certified with the highest ratings. You can rest assured that your precious heat or air conditioning won’t be leaking outside through a properly-installed ProVia door!

You Can Have Glass in Your Doors

There is no need to stick to a solid door panel with ProVia. A wide variety of glass options lets you choose to let in as much light as you choose. The only limitation has to do with areas where there is a high chance of damage from windborne objects, such as on coastlines. There, some options may not be available.

Along with choices of glass panel sizes, there are choices for which types of glass go in them. Clear, privacy and designer are some of the favorites.

To get a quote for one of our ProVia doors, just contact us here at FAS Windows & Doors. We’re Central Florida’s largest volume window and door dealer, and we offer both new and replacement doors. Our factory-direct pricing will make your door as affordable as possible.

Would you like to see your door options in person before making your choice? Just stop by our showrooms in St. Petersburg, Winter Park and Tampa!


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