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As Hurricane Season Heats Up, Homeowners Turn Attention to Hurricane Panels

With Isaac barreling toward the Panhandle, many homeowners are rethinking their perspective on storm panels. Learn how storm panels can protect your home against some of the nastiest weather Mother Nature can throw at you.

Hurricane panels for every home

Hurricane or storm panels are a great way to protect your home if you are looking to maintain your current window options. Storm panels can be stored in a safe place until they are needed, or can be installed in clear lexan so you can still enjoy your view. Hurricane panels come in three kinds of materials, and act as a less expensive option in comparison with high-impact replacement window glass FAS Windows & Doors carries hurricane panels in three material options: Galvanized steel, aluminum, and clear lexan. Galvanized steel is the most inexpensive, but the heaviest to hang. Aluminum panels are half the weight of steel panels and can be stacked conveniently in a compact storage area. Transparent lexan plastic hurricane panels have increased in popularity because they provide protection while maintaining clarity. No matter which material you choose to protect your home, all three types of panels are one hundred percent certified in the State of Florida. If you have more questions regarding hurricane panels, our experts are here to answer any questions you need. Contact our showroom today to schedule an appointment, or schedule an in-home, no-obligation consultation.

Elizabeth Rissman 8/25/2012

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