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Andersen Windows and Doors’ Green Initiative

In recent years, consumers have put more emphasis on incorporating environmentally conscious practices into their lifestyle. Reduce your carbon foot print by installing Andersen energy efficient windows and doors in your home. Mother Earth—and your electric bill—will thank you.

Andersen products: Nationally recognized commitment to green intiatives

Andersen has been a leader in energy efficient home building for years. For example, they were the first window and door manufacturer to become Energy Star Ally of the Year. Energy Star certified products use solar guarding and insulation to prevent inside air from escaping to guarantee energy efficiency. Andersen has also been a U.S. Green Building Council charter member since 2002.

Andersen’s pledge to sustainable materials

You love the look of Andersen’s beautifully crafted wood and wood-clad windows and doors, but did you know you’re also making an investment in sustainable materials? Andersen Corporation strives to utilize wood from certified sources. In fact, roughly 98.5 percent of all manufacturing materials are used in a beneficial way.

Make an investment in your home by replacing your windows and doors with green, energy efficient windows and doors. Your wallet will thank you in the long run. Visit our Tampa and Orlando showrooms or call to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more about saving money through energy efficient products.

Elizabeth Rissman 6/9/2012

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