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Andersen Garden Doors: Maximize Your Space

Looking to combine the functionality of a door with the beauty of a window? Let the sunshine in while maximizing your living space with garden doors by Andersen.

Garden doors open a world of possibilities

A garden door, also known as a hinged patio door, has one or more panels made primarily of glass. Most often, at least one of the panels has the capability to swing out.

Consumers choose garden doors because they function like conventional replacement doors while letting in natural light which brightens the home to make it more welcoming. In addition, garden doors swing out to save up to 28 feet of interior floor space. The timeless appeal of garden doors can be enhanced with the addition of grilles to produce the classic look of divided light. Multiple hardware options are also available to create beautiful custom doors.

Garden doors compliment the natural flow of home traffic, which makes them great for decks, patios, and balconies. To view our Andersen garden door options, please visit our showrooms in Orlando or Tampa, or schedule a free in-home consultation today.

Elizabeth Rissman 7/14/2012

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