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Andersen Corporation plans an $18 million expansion project

Andersen Corporation has announced they are planning an $18 million expansion project. The plan is to add on to their existing 3-million-square-foot complex in Bayport Minnesota Part of the $18 million project fund will go towards the purchase of new machinery as well as create 100 more full time jobs. “We see more upside in the future than risk, so we’re investing,” Andersen CEO Jay Lund said in an interview. The facility will focus mainly increasing production of the very popular Andersen 100 series windows. Launched in 2009, the 100 line “was very successful; we sold our millionth unit last year. So we’re seeing lots of opportunity for growth,” Lund said.

To help in supporting the companies’ expansion, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development will award Andersen $625,000 from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund if the company meets its performance goals. “The assistance we received from DEED, and organizations such as Greater MSP, helped ensure this significant expansion happened in our home state,” says Jay Lund, Andersen chairman, president and CEO. “We had several location options to choose from and selected Minnesota because of the experienced workforce, our integrated supply chain model and the ability to leverage capacity at our flagship plant in Bayport.”

R. Wilding 5/12/2014

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