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8 Reasons You Should Buy A Fiberglass Entry Door

You’ve wanted a new front entry door for a while now. You loved your door when it was first installed, but over time, it warped in the hot, humid sun. Now, it looks less than ideal with its aged and discolored wood. You’re also learning just how expensive it is to maintain a solid oak door. Worst of all, you worry that your residence looks uninviting to guests.

So what type of door should you get as a replacement? In this blog, we discuss the numerous advantages of fiberglass entry doors and why these types of doors are great investments for your home.

Read on to learn about eight benefits fiberglass doors can offer.

1. Fiberglass Doors are Reliable

Since the 1990s, building contractors have used fiberglass materials to construct doors. Over the last couple of decades, these doors have been consistently identified as the top replacement choice by homeowners around the country. Even with multiple door material options available, fiberglass doors have remained popular in the home improvement marketplace.

2. Fiberglass Doors are Attractive

When you think of fiberglass, you might conjure up images of threadlike insulation or the underside of a canoe. But fiberglass entry doors don’t really look like fiberglass. In fact, recent technology has played a part in the attractive aesthetic of fiberglass doors.

These doors can be stained or coated to look just like luxurious wood. They can be painted in all kinds of colors and designs. You can even match your door’s color to that of your interior furniture.

3. Fiberglass Doors are Resistant to Damage

Fiberglass is a strong, durable material, crafted with layers of synthetic plastics. A fiberglass entry door can resist an intruder’s physical force just as well as a steel door can.

In comparison to wood doors, fiberglass doors don’t suffer from water damage, cracks, or rotting. Additionally, fiberglass can withstand extreme weather conditions better than wood or steel.

If you find yourself away for extended periods of time, you’ll feel better about your home’s security with a fiberglass door installed in the entryway.

4. Fiberglass Doors are Affordable

When you want to add a stylish new look to your home’s exterior, you look for a beautiful and welcoming front door. But you’d like to save some money in the process.

Fiberglass doors offer a reasonable price for the perks they provide. While more expensive than steel doors, fiberglass entry doors give you that elegant-or modern-look you crave for a more attractive price than many wood doors.

5. Fiberglass Doors are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

In addition to their tendency to resist damage, fiberglass doors can help regulate your home’s interior temperature better than steel, which is a bad heat insulator, and wood. On cooler days, a fiberglass door can help retain the warmer air in your house. Likewise, on hot days, your fiberglass door will keep cool air inside.

Of course, since fiberglass doors are made synthetically, you’ll save on wood manufacturing costs and help to keep more trees healthy and undisturbed.

6. Fiberglass Doors are Versatile

You can do a lot to customize and personalize a fiberglass entry door. As mentioned earlier, you can apply a wood finish or paint finish. Besides color and texture, you can order a fiberglass door in a variety of paneled options-you can add windows, columns, and designs that match your vision.

And because fiberglass is such a convenient material, you can repaint or refinish a fiberglass door any time without the hassle involved in redecorating a wood door.

7. Fiberglass Doors Come With Great Warranties

A fiberglass entry door usually has an attractive warranty attached to it. These warranties can last decades-some even last a lifetime. You’ll be more content to buy a fiberglass entry door that you can return or replace if you ever notice defects or damages that you didn’t cause.

8. Fiberglass Doors are Easy to Maintain

Compared to less-expensive steel doors and pricy wood doors, fiberglass doors require very little maintenance or care to look and operate well. You can remove smudges or marks by simply wiping the door’s surface with water and soap. Unlike steel, fiberglass never rusts or flakes when it comes in contact with extremely hot or cold temperatures.

When you buy a fiberglass entry door, you’ll find more time to take care of other home projects, and you’ll have more assurance that your door will continue to look clean, beautiful, and inviting to guests.

While fiberglass entry doors boast impressive characteristics, they also have their weaknesses. For instance, fiberglass that mimics wood grain won’t have as much detail or depth as a traditional wood door. However, if you want a dependable option that will prove to be a smart investment for your home-and that can add value to your home’s worth-consider fiberglass.

Use the benefits listed above to guide you in your search for a new door and to weigh your options. To receive more helpful tips, read through our blog or talk to a professional door replacement specialist at FAS Windows & Doors today at 877.289.0825.

Alexandra 10/1/2015

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