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6 Factors to Consider Before Placing New Window Replacements

You’ve always dreamed that you’d design your own home someday, and now you finally get the chance. You have so many things to think about and you know that even the littlest details can make a big difference.

  1. One of the important things to consider is your windows. Windows let light into your home, help control your home’s temperature and air quality, and add style to your living environment. One of the most important steps that affects your overall home design is to choose where to place your windows. Here are a few factors to consider as you decide on the best window locations.

The Sun

One of a window’s most important functions is to bring bright, healing sunlight into your home. Place your windows where they’ll let in the ideal level of sunlight-not too much, not too little.

Keep in mind that you’ll want a source of natural light in every room. If you want to increase the amount of sunlight in a certain room, consider which direction the sun shines from and place a large window at that angle. In large rooms that could benefit from more natural light, you might want to install skylights as well.

However, you may have rooms or locations that require less light. For example, if you like to sleep in on the weekends, you probably don’t want a sun-facing window in your bedroom.


Windows let oxygen into your home and keep the air fresh. If you rely on windows to circulate fresh air throughout your home, add a window to as many rooms as possible.

However, remember that if you use windows to cool down your home in the summer, you should only open them when the air outs ide is cooler than the air inside your home. Generally, you’ll want to keep the windows closed during the day, but you can open them du ring the cool evening hours. This tip reduces the need to for excess windows in your home.

Also, remember that when you turn the heater on, you’ll need to keep your windows closed-open windows let the heat or cold escape. If you run your heater or A/C often, there’s no need to fill your walls with windows (unless, of course, you want them for the view).

The View

You don’t need to cover your walls with artwork when you have windows that provide beautiful views. Correctly placed windows provide a unique form of art.

As you decide where to place windows, consider which views outside your home you would like to highlight. Also, consider where in your home you are most likely to appreciate a beautiful view. For example, you may want to place a large window next to your kitchen t able so you can look at the trees and skyline as you eat your dinner.

Nearby Areas

Think about how easily you can access windows in different areas of your home. Consider the area around the window. Do counters or tables make it difficult to open windows? Or maybe a large tree outside your home blocks your backyard view. When you take these small factors into account, you can better select not only the window’s location, but also the type of window you need.

For example, a double hung window slides open vertically. If you place one behind your kitchen sink, you might find it difficult to reach around the kitchen sink to open it. Instead, choose a sliding window that opens horizontally.


Windows are typically used both to let light and air in and to provide a clear view. However, sometimes you don’t need both functions.

Perhaps you have enough windows for ventilation but want to add more to optimize your view. In that case, you can add fixed windows. These window types provide a good view but don’t open or close.

Similarly, in a private area like a bathroom, you may want more light-but you also want to avoid neighbors being able to see in. In that case, consider transparent glass-it obscures the view while still letting light in.


Of course, you’ll want each window to match the look and feel of each room-as well as your overall home design.

For example, bow windows offer a gentle curve to complete a contemporary design. You can place these windows in the living room or kitchen to offer an expansive view. Bay windows fit with a traditional style, yet also add a bold statement that creates a stunning vocal point on your home’s exterior.

Ask your window contractor about the different styles available and how they best fit into your home’s design.

Still Stuck? Use Apps

If you want a practical way to visualize how windows fit into your home’s design, try a home design app. The following apps will help you create a picture of your home and allow you to see how new windows fit into that picture:

  1. Home Design 3D Gold

  2. Interior Design for iPad

  3. Magic Plan

Also, browse your preferred manufacturer’s window selection to choose which styles you prefer.

As you keep these tips in mind, you’ll see your home’s window design come to life.

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Alexandra 9/16/2015

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