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5 Can’t-Miss Spots for Outdoor Spring Cleaning

When most people hear “spring cleaning,” they picture scrubbing and organizing every nook and cranny inside their homes. However, spring-cleaning isn’t just an indoor chore. The exterior of your home needs the refreshing cleaning just as much as the interior of your home. Get your home ready for summer activities with these spring-cleaning tips for the exterior of your home.


You may have noticed dirt accumulating on your door frames and tracks. Wind and rainstorms often blow dirt toward your home’s entrance, creating a messy environment. You might have a white door that readily displays dirt, or you might have a dark door that hides the dirt. In any case, your door will need a deep cleaning before summer sets in.

Although the dirt seems inconspicuous, guests might subconsciously notice the dirt. Consider wiping down each door with a damp rag and all-purpose cleaner. As you clean, pay close attention to the doorknob, track, frame, and design features. You may also need to clean glass or wipe along ridges.

Pay attention to sliding glass door tracks. This area often goes unnoticed but sustains significant foot traffic. Scrub the track area with a toothbrush then vacuum up the loosened debris. Go over the area with a wet sponge for a shining finish. This task may seem excessive, but you’ll be glad you don’t have to worry about guests noticing your door track when you have a patio party. If your door has significant damage, you may need to replace it. A simple door update could brighten the exterior of your home and give it the perfect touch for summer.

2. Windows

After several months of fall and winter, your windows probably look dirty and dingy. Dirty windows put a damper on those bright summer days, so set aside a day to clean your windows. Try to choose an overcast day, as cloudy weather prevents the cleaner from drying too quickly and allows you to see water spots easily. You can use any type of ammonia-based cleaner to clean your windows. You should also wipe down window tracks, as these typically accumulate a fair amount of dirt as well.

3. Siding

Over time, dirt gradually accumulates on your home’s siding. The dirt buildup sometimes makes noticing the difference between a clean home and a dirty one very difficult. You should power wash the exterior of your home every spring to give it a fresh look. You can hire a professional every few years to prevent mold and mildew growth.

If your home is looking especially drab, you may also want to update its color scheme. Most paint jobs last 7- 10 years until they need a fresh coat of paint. At FAS Windows & Doors, we offer COOLWALL exterior coating, which is a 30 year life paint. It not only provides maximum protection against the elements, but has a much longer lifespan making maintenance a breeze. Because it uses revolutionary technology, it reflects the harmful sun rays, and can lower your heating costs as much as 21.9%.

4. Gutters

Depending on how many storms roll through, your gutters could handle several hundred gallons of water every winter. As a result, dirt and debris accumulates and often clogs gutters. If you feel comfortable on a ladder, you can clean your gutters yourself. Or, you can hire a professional to clean them for you. Clean gutters will protect the exterior of your home from mold and water damage.

5. Garage Door

It takes one windy rainstorm for your garage door to get dirty. Use dish soap, a bucket of water, and a sponge to make your garage door look like new. Simply spray your door with a hose, wash the door, and then rinse. You should also dry the door after cleaning, as this will help preserve the paint job.

If you want a faster way to clean the door, you may want to consider using a pressure washer. Don’t forget to clean the trim around the door. If you do use a pressure wash system, be careful around brick, wood, or concrete. The pressure can easily damage these materials. Now that you know some spring cleaning tips for the exterior of your home, use this time to consider new COOLWALL coating system, windows and doors. Alexandra 3/16/2015

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