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3 Ways That Laminated Glass Protects Your Home

If you’re thinking about replacing old, outdated windows, now is the perfect opportunity to give your home an extra layer of protection.

Laminated glass windows can help offer a level of security and serenity that can’t be achieved with ordinary glass. They can help protect your home in a variety of different ways including; reflect harmful UV rays, reduce noise pollution, and increase the security of your home.

Let’s take a closer look at these three ways that laminated glass can help protect your home…

1. Reflects UV Rays

Laminated glass blocks over 99% of the sun’s most damaging UV rays.

Its polyvinyl butyral inner layer and a low-emissivity coating allow it to reflect those harmful rays, protecting your interiors from sun damage as well as helping to maintain the temperature of your home. Its energy-efficient properties make it a great choice for homeowners looking to improve their home’s carbon footprint.

2. Decrease Noise Reduction

You want your home to be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the real world, but noise from the outside, such as sirens, trains, and noisy neighbors, can interrupt your peace and quiet.

The inner layer of polyvinyl butyral on laminated glass that helps prevent UV rays from coming through to your home also helps with noise reduction. This layer makes the glass thicker and is highly effective for cutting down noise transmission.

In addition, some windows use argon or krypton gas, harmless gasses found in our atmosphere, in between the glass panes to increase window density and absorb more sound.

3. Increase Home Security

The last way that laminated glass helps protect your home is quite literal.

Laminated glass makes home intrusion via window extremely difficult, because it withstands several blows without allowing the object to break through the window. By the time the invader could fully break the window, neighbors and/or law enforcement would be alerted.

When a blunt object comes in contact with a laminated window, broken glass fragments stay in the frame, unlike non-laminated glass, which shatters instantly upon impact.

This same technology is what makes this type of glass perfect for homes in Florida, where we experience dangerous flying debris during hurricanes.

Check out this video of our FAS team putting some laminated glass to the test with some flying objects:

If you’re interested in laminate glass for your replacement windows or have more questions, give us a call today at 877-289-0825 or stop by our Tampa showroom to see full-size samples of the different product lines we carry.

FASWD 5/19/2017

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